About Us

WESTEC-IMMO is an international real estate ad site powered by ads from individuals and real estate professionals. You will find ads related to::

  • The sale.
  • The rental.
  • Rental management.

WESTEC-IMMO has been set up to meet your real estate needs only. You will now find a whole range of real estate properties ( houses, apartments, hotels, plots of land, holiday homes...).

Thanks to WESTEC-IMMO, you can lighten your daily real estate task by entrusting us with your rental property. We will manage your real estate business while keeping you informed of any changes in a timely manner. You want to invest in real estate, find a villa, apartment, offices or land of any kind and according to your needs?

WESTEC-IMMO offers you this opportunity thanks to its wide range of real estate of all categories. You will no longer come to us by harsard.

The team of WESTEC-IMMO accompanies you for the purchase of your house, villa, apartment according to your profile. Our real estate agency will propose and negotiate for you the best real estate opportunities. It is at your disposal to accompany you and to secure as well as possible the sale, purchase or rental of your property from the beginning of your project until the signature of the authentic deed, and also from the entry to the exit of a tenant in your property. Our work is based on 3 essential pillars which are :

  • Listening.
  • Seriousness.
  • Quality.

WESTEC-IMMO also supports you in your search and acquisition. If you have no time to waste, if you want to be informed fairly and clearly about the real estate market in the region and if you want to be assisted in all your steps to buy a property, we offer a complete and tailor-made service.